2014 was a very good year for me: I got married, I spent five weeks drawing and working in Kenya, and my work moved in some new and exciting directions. I spent more time working with good clients and less time chasing checks, and ultimately found that the year-end balance sheet can still turn out just fine. Part of this was due to an expanded skill set: a tinker’s fiddling with coding languages led me to a more sustained study of Python, Javascript, and PHP, which has allowed me to perform previously alien services for the kind of people with whom I like to work. There were times this year that I wished a greater percentage of my time was spent drawing, but there were also times that new challenges and puzzles were more than welcome. To satisfy the right brain, I spent more time studying drawing instead of trying to sell it (though I do hope the fruits of the former result in some of the latter), and I’ll be sharing that here soon.

Speaking of “here,” the holiday lull offered time to turn a critical lens upon my own site; I found it sorely lacking, both in content and capability, so I took it apart and put it back together. With a new focus on ever-varying screen sizes and reconsidered content, I plan to keep it more active than its often-dormant predecessor.

Last Saturday I turned 30, and while it’s not really a new beginning, it feels like a good time to take stock of things, open them up, see how they work, and restore them improved; it seems that should include the tinker himself as well.