IDEAS Research Collaboration Network (Princeton University)

The IDEAS RCN is an NSF-funded collaboration initiative that seeks to bring together bacteriologists, virologists, and parasitologists looking at similar ecological mechanisms in different systems (more below, from the IDEAS site). As such, the RCN needed 1) a public-facing identity, and 2) an easily-managed website with a host of different capabilities, including registration forms, member databases, and more. The resulting WordPress site can be viewed at

From the IDEAS mission statement:

[…] our NSF-funded Infectious Disease Evolution Across Scales (IDEAS) Research Collaboration Network (RCN) facilitates communication and collaboration between theoretical and empirical scientists and between biomedical researchers and evolutionary ecologists studying the infectious diseases at multiple biological scales (from molecules to populations). IDEAS was conceived in an effort to bridge the gap between disciplines that ask fundamentally similar questions but with very different approaches. We believe that joining forces will offer benefits of efficiency, greater accuracy and more rapid progress in multi-scale analysis of parasite evolution.

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