2014 was a very good year for me: I got married, I spent five weeks drawing and working in Kenya, and my work moved in some new and exciting directions. I spent more time working with good clients and less time chasing checks, and ultimately found that the year-end balance sheet can still turn out […]

A new dawn

After incredible difficulty wrestling my domain away from Australia (yes, you read that correctly), I’m pleased to present my new website. I took a bit of my own medicine, streamlining the design and building it through WordPress. Welcome! Have a look around.

Falling Up.

Recently, I suffered a somewhat frightening accident; eight weeks ago, I fell approximately twenty-five feet, or the equivalent of two-and-a-half residential stories. I won’t dwell on what happened, because most of the people close to me already know, but suffice it to say that the incident was jarring in both the physical and non-physical senses […]